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Semuse is an open and collaborative community based project to work on the Semantic Museum, and envision the future of applied cultural heritage management. Members of SeMuSe are collectively referred to as the SeMuSe community. And individual is referred to as a SeMuSe member. Membership is constituted by being listed on the members page. If you want to become a member of SeMuSe please send an email to or sign-up on this wiki and add your name. In case you want to be removed from the members page just send an email or edit the page yourself. You can join the online discussion here: or and the OWL specific sub community here:


LODE: Linking Open Descriptions of Events


Semantic Web and CIDOC CRM Workshop



Users who want the Ontology Browser in the toolbox should select the OntoSkin in their preferences (cf. Halo Extension).

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