5 Reasons Why a Sunscreen Company Must Have a Zinc Oxide Factory as a Partner

zinc oxide factory

Zinc oxide plays the biggest role in the sunscreen industry. Therefore, a sunscreen company must work together with a reliable zinc oxide factory. They can get many benefits from their partnership with this zinc oxide provider.

Sustainable Sun Protection

In the past, sunscreen manufacturer used different ingredients for their product, such as oxybenzone and octinoxate. However, those two ingredients have been proven to contribute to many environmental problems. For example, they cause coral damage and problems with marine ecosystems.

However, zinc oxide is a natural ingredient that provides broad-spectrum protection against ultraviolet rays. Moreover, zinc oxide is not harmful to the environment. Furthermore, zinc oxide is biodegradable, which matches the sustainable concept of sunscreen products.

High-Quality Product

A reliable zinc oxide factoryand supplier also provides high-quality zinc oxide for sunscreen products. It is a necessary ingredient that provides complete protection against UV rays.

Furthermore, the reliable factory also provides support to formulate the product that consists of zinc oxide in the sunscreen formulation. In case any problem occurs, they also can provide troubleshooting to solve the problem quickly.


A zinc oxide factory is not only manufacturing zinc oxide for you. They also try to meet your sunscreen product specifications.

That means, partnering with the factory allows you to order zinc oxide with specific specifications to match your formula. It means you can ask for the specific particle size, purity level, and custom formulation for the zinc oxide you order.

This freedom in deciding the specification also allows you to create sunscreen products with better effectiveness. More importantly, you also can control many variables that could affect your final product’s overall quality.

Cheaper Ingredients

You can buy zinc oxide from a supplier without any partnership agreement. However, that will only give you a higher price, especially if you need a specific type of zinc oxide.

Therefore, a partnership with a zinc oxide supplier and factory is necessary to cut down those prices. It will give you more benefits in production cost, which is necessary to compete with other companies.

Ingredients Availability

You will get a continuous supply of zinc oxide from them. It means you don’t have any worries about running out of ingredients when the demand for sunscreen products increases.

In the end, you can’t just leave a reliable zinc oxide factory to work together with your competitor. That is a bad move and could lead your business to a big problem. So, once you find a reliable partner, do not hesitate to work with them.

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